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This section is for miscellaneous info on the site and possible questions you may have. Odds are you've made your way to this section to yell at me because my games don't work on your stupid computer and not to read about the facinating history of makeshifgames. Well we'll start with that first one. My games don't work on macs yet, I'm hoping to fix that later. My games work on most PCs but how they work can vary based on your browser and your processor speed.

I can't tell you for sure when i started this site, but i can tell you i made the Flaming Hamsters game first and it was a real pain to make. Since it requires you to move the entire game rather than the crosshair (since the crosshair is always in the middle), i could only put in three repeating targets before the game started to have some real lag problems (which it still does on a few computers, unfortunately). At this point the flaming hamster game is all I have done, I should have more soon.

I call this site makeshift games because I make my games based on my little knowledge of programming and i often find myself using ackward methods to get my code to work. For example the code that powers Flaming Hamsters, if written just a bit differently will crash you browser BUT IT WORKS! And that's what makeshift construction is all about.

You may be curious about that awe-inspiring emblem of power to the right. That is battery man. As a result of some overly enthusiastic foosball playing, Battery Man lost his legs in the line of duty. We quickly replaced our hero's lower half with the handiest thing at the time since we lost his original legs, a dead 9 volt battery. We found some duct tape and electric tape and fastened it to him to be about the correct length of his orignal legs. Battery man has been alive and well on that table for years, being used very frequently by campers and visitors. He functions just as well as the other players and has suffered no significant wear or tear. It just doesn't get any more makeshift than a foosball man repaired with a dead battery and duct/electric tape. Battery Man has been around far longer than this site but makes the perfect mascot.